Heritage Register

724 Linden Avenue

Built 1921
Heritage-Designated 1988
Heritage-Designated garage 2014

For: Frederick & Lillian Williams

Designer/Builder: Wood-Foyster Construction Co.

724 Linden


This 2-storey British Arts & Crafts house was designed and built by Wood-Foyster Construction Co for $6,000. It features a wide front gable with 2-storey gabled extensions on either side. The exterior is clad in stucco with prominent woodwork detailing: half-timbering, knee brackets, extended bargeboards and rafter tails. There are two stuccoed chimneys. The prominent wall chimney is tapered and both are capped with brick. The full-width verandah has a hipped roof with a gabled offset entry supported by tapered, panelled wood posts and enclosed with a balustrade of tapered wood balusters. The verandah shelters an angled bay window and the recessed entry door flanked by sidelights. The symmetrical façade of the upper floor has a bank of four double-hung windows with dressing room windows on either side. Both the bank of windows and the half-timbered gable end project slightly on short brackets. Multi-paned leaded lights are featured in many window sashes. Mature landscaping on the property is surrounded by period wire loop fencing and a matching gate. There is a matching period garage with double sliding track doors off McClure St. The main interior rooms are intact, with generous panelling, original fireplace and leaded glass windows.


The original owners were Frederick John (1873-1937) and Lillian Jean (Robinson, 1878-1937) Williams, who lived here until 1929. Native Victorian Frederick was the step-son of James and Sophia Lissett(e) (565 Michigan St, James Bay). In 1903 he married Lillian from London, England, who came to Victoria in 1897. Frederick was a druggist, then proprietor, of Morison’s Drug Store.


The second owners were Berkley Howe (1881-1965) and Victoria Douglas (Hill) Anderson, who bought this house in 1929, the year they married, and lived here for over 45 years. Berkley was the son of Charlotte and Elijah Howe Anderson (15 South Turner St, James Bay), who came to Victoria on the Tynemouth in 1862. The Andersons were frequently in England or the Cariboo, and Berkley was born in London. He was brought to Victoria c.1896 when Elijah and Charlotte finally settled here. Berkley was a City licence inspector. After his death in 1965, Victoria lived here until 1976.


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• This Old House, Victoria's Heritage Neighbourhoods,
Volume Four: Fairfield, Gonzales & Jubilee

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