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1718 Fort Street (ex-176 Cadboro Bay Rd)

Built c.1896

For: William & Elizabeth Clark

1718 Fort


This singularly intact 2-storey Queen Anne house has an unusual roof, flowing from the side-gabled ridge down to the front porch. The porch itself has a decorative blind gable with wooden strapwork on the front, and a tiny side-gable, mimicking the main gables. The half-width verandah has turned columns and spindles, leaded glass and brackets, and the front-door assembly includes side panels and transom. The right side of the front façade comprises a large gabled upper floor over a cutaway ground floor, which is almost duplicated in the gabled extension on the left side. The drop siding is broken by a belt of scalloped shingles all round, which ties in with the pent roof of a box bay on the right side. Unusual panels over the main windows give them added emphasis and verticality. The corbelled chimneys appear to be original. The house retains considerable privacy and quiet, despite the busy, widened street, with wrought-iron fencing and a substantial hedge.


This house was built for William Henry Clark (1859-1942), who lived here with his family until his death. Born in London, England, William came to Victoria in 1887. In 1891 he married Elizabeth Jane Lindsay (1861-1943), a native of Ashton, ON, who came to Victoria in the early 1880s. William had a long career as a printer, which began with the Victoria Daily Colonist for 12 years. He eventually went to work at the King’s (Queen’s) Printer (563 Superior St, James Bay) and stayed for 40 years before retiring as foreman in 1934. In his youth, William was an accomplished lacrosse player and was also a member of the Burns Club. The house was sold after Elizabeth died.


Joseph Henry (1901-1956) and Sophie Mary (Flory) Brockman were the next owners. Joseph was a mechanic born in Germany who came to Canada in 1906 and to Victoria in 1942. They lived here until 1948. Frederick Kendall Nordlinger (1921-1970) and his wife Doris Margaret (MacPherson) bought this house in 1949 and lived here until the early 1950s. He was serving with the RCN during his residence here, but was later employed with the Unemployment Insurance office.


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