Heritage Register
James Bay

41-43 South Turner Street
(ex-53 South Turner St)

Built 1897; 1915
Heritage-Designated 2003

For: Alphonsus & Helen Dallain

41 South Turner


This 1½-storey, hip-roofed Arts & Crafts Bungalow has three hip-roofed dormers; a small gabled dormer on the right side is possibly a later addition. On the left side is a deep, hip-roofed box bay under one of the dormers. An angled bay on the left front is beside an expansive, hip-roofed porch which wraps halfway around the right side, leading to the entry door. Three huge stuccoed, battered piers with capitals support the porch roof on its three corners; the piers extend from ground level to roofline. Beneath the frieze, shallow Tudor arches run between the piers. The porch balustrades are solid, as are the sloping balustrades of the front-facing steps. The body of the house and the porch balustrades are clad in drop siding, the basement and the step balustrades in shingles. The brick chimney is corbelled. The present 1915 house, as evidenced by plans and building permit, appears to rest on the brick and rubble foundation of the original 1897 house; several windows are likely from the 1897 house.


1897-1902: The story begins in 1893 when architect John Gerhard Tiarks sold lot 28, block 6, Beckley Farm, Map 229 to Isabella Anderson Campbell (b. SCT c.1861-1940). She and her husband, merchant Angus Campbell (b. SCT c.1861-1930), built a house in 1897, and were assessed $1,500 for improvements in 1898. The Campbells came to Canada in 1886, and from 1903-32 they resided at the Balmoral Hotel, 1109 Douglas St. They owned Angus Campbell and Co, ladies outfitters, at 1008-10 Government St. Isabella was managing director of the business after Angus’s death. From c.1933 she became one of the denizens of the Empress Hotel.


1903-14: Isabella Maria (née Ingram, b. Donegal, IRL c.1848-1934) came to Victoria with sister Sarah in 1872, and married Charles E. Todd (b. Canada c.1842-1902) in 1873. Charles was junior MPP for Kootenay after BC joined Confederation. He became provincial police superintendent, then Indian agent for 15 years at Port Simpson, BC until his death. Isabella adopted her niece, Helen Marion Downey (b. North Saanich c.1876-1959). In 1902 Helen married Alphonsus John Dallain (b. St. Peters, Isle of Jersey c.1864-1942), who came here in the mid-1880s, and they moved into 41-43. Helen was given away by MPP C.W.D. Clifford, and Dallain was supported by Francis Napier Denison (302 Denison Rd, Gonzales). Their witness was George A. Walkem, who had been third premier of BC. Dallain was president of the SPCA for many years, and secretary of JBAA and Agricultural Association. By 1910 Dallain was chief accountant for the Dominion Marine and Fisheries Department. In 1913 all three moved to 625 Niagara St.

1915-40+: Isabella transferred ownership of 41-43 to the Dallains, who had the new house built on the property. The family continued to live on Niagara until 1940, and rented 41-43 South Turner.

1993: Carolyn Sadowska and John Dewhirst. John is an anthropologist. Carolyn, an actress and painter, has made a name for herself as a comic impersonator of Queen Elizabeth II.


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