Heritage Register

903 Linden Avenue (ex-18 Linden Av)

Built 1905
Heritage-Designated 1995

For: William Heatherbell

Builder: William Heatherbell

903 Linden


This 1½-storey Colonial Bungalow, with its bellcast, hipped roof, is constructed of brick. Brick houses are rare in Victoria and this demonstrates Heatherbell’s prowess as a mason. It has bellcast, hip-roofed dormers on all sides. The centrally-located entry door has an angled bay on the left and an inset porch, now enclosed, on the right. The front steps are brick, as are the caps on the granite balustrades. There is a rear porch and box bays on either side. The foundation is of fieldstone.


Heatherbell (1861-1942, b. Liverpool) came to Victoria in 1884 with his wife Annie (c.1859-1896) and built a brick home at 1417 Pembroke St (Fernwood) in 1892. Annie died in the Pt. Ellice Bridge collapse in 1896. William was also on the ill-fated streetcar when it fell, but managed to escape. He married again in 1899 to Mary “Minnie” Theresa Hawton (1872-1940), newly arrived from England. He then built this house (listed in the Colonist at $3,000) and lived here till he died.

Other buildings showing Heatherbell’s skill include St. Ann’s Academy (835 Humboldt St, Fairfield), the BC Parliament Buildings (501 Belleville St, James Bay), Hatley Park in Colwood and Work Point Barracks in Esquimalt.


John Hedley (1902-1948) and Marion (Perton) Sampson lived here 1943-45. John, born in Chilliwack, BC, was a salesman at the Brackman-Ker Milling Co. He was made manager of the Nanaimo office in 1948, but died soon after. Robert C. and Eva St. Clair lived here 1947-52. Robert was BC Assistant Chief Forester.


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