Heritage Register

1057 Moss Street (ex-957 Moss St)

Built 1913
Heritage-Designated 2010, includes stone wall, gate

For: Josephine & James Hunter

Architect: H. Crawford Coates Jr.
Contractor: Hiram B. Ward

1057 Moss


This is one of the only houses in Victoria ascribed to Crawford Coates, who worked here for just seven years, during WWI, before returning to a long career in his native U.S. The house, originally 10 rooms, cost $12,000. Despite having a very checkered history of alterations, the house retains much of its original, classical elegance: The symmetrical front includes two storeys, strongly horizontal, yet with two full-height octagonal bays flanking the pillared entry. Curious large modillions, resembling dominoes, emphasize the wide, closed eaves. An all-white paint job flattens the whole effect, which is set off with flaring and an extra-wide beltcourse.


This house was built for Josephine and James Hunter, managing director of Pither & Leiser, importers and wholesalers of wine, liquor and cigars. James (1881-1931) came to Victoria from Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1898. Josephine O’Sullivan (1881-1929) was born in Victoria and educated at St. Ann’s Academy (835 Humboldt St, Fairfield). She married James in 1906. Josephine was a devout Catholic, and a member of St. Andrew’s Cathedral. She spent much of her life in service of the church, as a member of the Altar Society, Catholic Women’s League, and the Women’s Auxiliary of St. Joseph’s Hospital. She and James lived here until they died. Son Douglas Hunter retained the house until 1935.


Owner Duncan MacBride (1883-1962) lived here with his wife Louise (Rigg) (1881-1970) 1940-44. The MacBrides emigrated from Scotland in 1926, and came to Victoria in 1931. Duncan was a Victoria sheriff 1948-53. He was president of the Victoria Highland Games, and a member of the Victoria Chamber of Commerce.

In 1943 the house was divided into five suites, then six, known as the Penkridge Apartments. Frederick William and Evelyn Margaret (1914-1956) Plant were the proprietors to 1950. In 1982 another suite was created, and in 1984 two more.


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