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855 Pemberton Road
The Lodge

Built 1906-07; 1931

For: Alfred & Ada Flumerfelt; Susan Hughes
Architect: William D'Oyly Rochfort, attributed (1906)

855 Pemberton


In the 2007 edition of This Old House 3, it was stated that this house was built in 1931. It is now known that The Lodge, originally built as a coachman’s house in 1906-07, was added to and altered in 1931 for $3,100. This stuccoed, 1½-storey, Norman Revival-style house has a prominent, conical-roofed two-storey tower with narrow leaded windows and a weather vane. The main side-gabled roof has two gabled dormers to the right and one to the left of the tower. The round-arched, recessed entrance is immediately to the left of the tower; there is a shallow, hip-roofed, rectangular extension on the left side. Two large multi-lights-over-single-paned windows have shutters with a pierced fleur-de-lis motif. A pair of matching windows on the far right do not have shutters. The chimneys are stuccoed and have chimney pots. Architect W.D. Rochfort signed the 1906 plumbing permit, so he may have designed the original house.


Owners 1906-30: Alfred Cornelius Flumerfelt (906 Pemberton Rd) and Ada Annie (née Kilvington, 1857-1924) in 1896 built Ruhebuhne “Resthaven,” designed by Samuel Maclure; its address was 835 Pemberton Rd after 1907. In 1906-07 they built The Lodge for their coachman on the NW corner of their property; its address was 855 Pemberton Rd.
Tenants: 1908-11: Scottish-born Benjamin Oswald Taylor (c.1832-1912) and Jane/Jeanie (née Kerr) lived at The Lodge until Ben’s retirement as coachman in 1911 at 78. They then lived in Chemainus with their daughter Jessie, who married Master Mariner William Gillen in 1908.
1911-26: Allen Ernest Mitchell (b. Dorking, Surrey, ENG c.1876-1931) married Margery Sherburn (b. ENG c.1887) in Victoria in 1911, and they lived here while Allen was Mr. Flumerfelt’s chauffeur.
1928-30: The highly decorated Col. Hugh MacIntyre Urquhart (1880-1950) of the Canadian Scottish Regiment (CSR) rented the house with his sister Elizabeth (1882-1968). After WWI Urquhart was Additional Aide-de-Camp to King George V. While in this house, Urquhart was working on his history of the regiment, which he published in 1932. He also wrote the first full-length biography of Gen. Sir Arthur Currie (1114 Arthur Currie Ln, Vic West). The Urquharts lived at 1008 Carberry Gardens, Rockland, in 1931-38, and later at 608 Trutch St, Fairfield.


1931-32: After A.C. Flumerfelt’s death in 1930, the parcel of land on which The Lodge stood was hived off from the larger property and sold to Mrs. Sarah Harriet Hughes. She lived in the house for a year. The house was then rented out.

1933-34: Ernest lan Walter Jardine (b. Egremont, ENG 1883-1969) and Olga Holen Marie (née Gloy, b. Dunedin, NZ 1900) married in Victoria in 1929. When they married, Olga was a university lecturer. Ernest was an electrical engineer; he retired in 1952 as Chief Engineer of BC Public Utilities Commission. 1937: Mrs Grace Randolph Pooley (née Higbee, b. Cincinnati, OH 1866-1937) came to Victoria with her husband, Edward Foster Pooley, in 1927 (1337 Rockland Av).

1938-42: Wallace Hunter McMillan (b. Winnipeg 1882-1968) and Gertrude Orna (née Seaman b. Kansas City, MO 1890-1977) moved here from Winnipeg. Wallace was an active member of the Victoria Gun Club, founder of the Coho Club in 1936, and a president of the Tyee Club.

1943-47: Retired sawmill operator John Prince Myers (b. Sussex, NB 1881-1960) and Lyla Fortune (née Graham, b. Kamloops, BC 1908) married in Prince George, BC in 1928.

1948-49: Charles Broughton Bowman (b. Windsor, NS 1867-1949) and Francis Sophia (née Smallwood, b. ENG 1890-1963). Charles was in real estate, loans and insurance; he retired in 1936, and moved to Victoria with his first wife Florence, who died in 1942 aged 71. From 1939-47 Charles resided at the Angela Hotel at 923 Burdett Av, Fairfield. [Charles B. Bowman and Catherine Bowman Cheeseman, see below, don’t appear to be related.]

1950-51: Retired physician George Albert Cheeseman (b. London, ENG 1879-1951) and Catherine Eleanor (née Bowman, b. Windsor, ON 1894-1964) both came to BC in 1905, and married in Vancouver in 1926. After living in Field, BC, the Cheesemans came to Victoria in 1949. Catherine left the house after George’s death.

1952-57: Mrs Audrey Mary Hammond (née Lemon, b. Winnipeg 1890-1968), widow of Herbert Renwick Hammond (b. Toronto, ON 1887-1930). They came to BC in 1913 to farm, and Herbert died near Lillooet, BC, in 1930. Audrey lived in Oak Bay at the time of her death.

1961-69: Dr. Alfred “Michael” Warrington (b. London, ENG 1924-2014) and Helen (née Bond, b. Kent, ENG, 1932). Dr. Warrington was in the British Army Royal Armoured Corps in WWII. He was wounded in Holland in the “Bridge Too Far” campaign when the tank he commanded was blown up. After he was released from hospital, he transferred to Egypt and stayed until 1947, then was demobilized as a captain. With veterans’ funding he studied medicine at London University and was practicing at the Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital at Taplow, ENG, when he met Helen, a nurse. They married in 1955, then came to Saskatchewan in 1959 and to Victoria in 1961. They had no money for a down payment at the time, but a local bank manager gave them a mortgage for this house. Dr. Warrington ran his family practice in Victoria for eight years. When they moved to Vancouver in 1969, the Warringtons had seven children; an eighth was born there. Dr. Warrington joined the BC Regiment militia in the 1970s as medical officer, and retired a Lt.-Col. as commanding officer of Vancouver’s 12th Medical Company.


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