Heritage Register

1442 Rockland Avenue

Built 1912

For: Eric & Harriet Ulin

Architect: Elmer Ellsworth Green

1442 Rockland


This 1½-storey, side-gabled Craftsman Bungalow has a prominent front-gabled dormer with paired square posts, designed to look like an enclosed sleeping porch. On the right side is a large bracketed, cantilevered, gabled bay above a small, offset angled bay. All bargeboards have clover cutouts, knee brackets and pyramids. To the left of the upper bay is a small, gabled, box oriel. A deep,full-width, front verandah wraps around to the right. The verandah roof is supported by three square posts on concrete-capped, battered granite piers. The balustrades have heavy square balusters. The offset steps lead to the front door on the right rear of the verandah. The steps and stepped granite balustrades are sheltered by a wide, shallow gable. The upper level and basement are shingled, the main floor is clad in double-bevelled siding. Designed by E.E. Green (953 Empress Av, North Park) of Seattle and Victoria, this house cost about $10,000.


Owners: 1912-34: Eric Ulin (b. USA, 1864-1916) and Harriet Ruhama (née Spray, b. Iowa 1869) lived here with their daughters, Hattie “Irene” (b. USA 1891) and Erica Eliza (b. USA 1898), for two years, then moved to San Francisco in 1914. The Ulins had lived in Victoria since 1893, and Eric was the long-time manager of Taylor Mills, which burnt in 1911. Eric died in Berkley, CA. Harriet returned to the house with Erica in 1920 and lived here until 1934.


Tenant: 1915-17: D’Arcy Tate, KC (b. Portadown, IRL 1866-1935) was educated at Queen’s College, Belfast. He was called to the Ontario Bar in 1893, and subsequently became a member of the MB, SK, AB and BC bars. From 1896-1905 he was counsel for the Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway, which was taken over by the CPR. He moved to Manitoba in 1905 as assistant solicitor of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. In 1910 he was promoted to vice-president and general counsel of the Pacific Great Eastern Railway Co, which brought him to BC. He remained in this position until it became a government railroad. D’Arcy retired to Victoria in 1915; his wife predeceased him.

1935-66: William Alexander McKenzie (b. Puslinch, ON 1873-1966) and Florence Murray (née Thompson, b. Ontario 1886-1959). William came to BC in 1903. He settled in Penticton, and in 1910 married Florence, who had just arrived from Ontario. He was a reeve for a number of years before being elected an MLA for Similkameen 1918- 34. William was appointed Minister of Mines and Labour for 1928-33. He was a carpenter by trade, and during WWII he worked in the shipyards. He was later superintendent of construction for the Hope-Princeton Highway. William and Florence lived here until their deaths.


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