Heritage Register

1765 Rockland Avenue

Built 1913-14

For: Charles & Margaret Williams

Architect: Samuel Maclure
Contractor: John Ernest Shenk

1765 Rockland


This 2½-storey Edwardian variation on the Georgian Revival style is bellcast hip-roofed with flat-roofed dormers on all four sides. Many of the standard details of both styles are here: modillioned eaves; multipaned-over-one, double-hung sashes, both single and in banks of three; a Palladian window on the Rockland façade; and stucco cladding unbroken by string courses. The main entrance on the right side has a portico with two Tuscan columns and two pilasters. The symmetry has been unbalanced, with extensions on the left side, and the rear. The impressive, two-storey rear garden façade has a prominent sunroom extension below a balustraded balcony. The foundation and garden terrace walls are of stone. The cost was $18,000.


1913-46: Charles “Charlie” Williams (1886-1957) and Margaret “Maggie” (née Holmes, 1869-1960) who lived here until about 1946. John Williams, presumably a brother of Charlie, also lived here briefly. Born in Londonderry, Ireland, Charlie came to Canada as a boy and settled in Winnipeg, MB. Maggie was born in Simcoe, ON. They came to Victoria from Winnipeg c.1912. Charlie was an accountant, and secretary-treasurer of the Red Cross Society. He retired in 1920. Maggie’s sister’s grandson is Jim Munro of Munro’s Books and 1648 Rockland Av.


1947-48: Retired RAF officer George Sydney Meyler “Sid” Warlow and Marguerite (née Smith), and their daughters Joan and Mary. The Warlows then lived in 1618 Rockland Av until their deaths.

1949-58+: Herbert and Barbara Richards.

1968: The Malvern & Westerham School was relocated from Richmond Av at the rear of this property.


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