Heritage Register

1030 Terrace Avenue

Built 1897

For: John & Marie McDonald

1030 Terrace


The 2007 edition of this book dated this house at 1908; recent research has proven otherwise. This Queen Annestyle house has a hipped roof with four pedimented gables, three front-facing and one on the right side. The gables have diamond-patterned shingles, and wide bargeboards with appliquéd fretwork. On the right front is a large two-storey angled bay; on the left are upper and lower porches separated by a fish-scale-shingled balustrade. Both porches have turned posts. There is an angled bay on the right side; both angled bays have fretwork brackets with turned pendants at the corners. The transom above the front door and the window on the left side are multi-paned with Queen Anne and etched glass. There is a later deck addition on the left side for two second-floor entrances. Exterior walls are now covered in smooth stucco. The steep lot has terraces with low fieldstone walls around exposed bedrock outcroppings.


1897-1918: John Thomas McDonald (b. Manilla, ON 1855-1923) and Marie Louise (née Ormond, b. Peterborough, ON 1861-1949) came to BC in the early 1890s. John had a grocery store at the Oak Bay Junction from at least 1894; he was later employed at MacDonald Realty.


1920-21: Civil engineer David Owen Lewis (1865-1947) and Caroline Martha (née Hall).

1923-27: Dom. DPW supervising engineer Ernest Edmund Brydone-Jack (1871- 1960) and Mary Ann “Minna” (née Fisher) were born in New Bruswick. In 1907 Ernest headed U of Manitoba’s new engineering faculty. They moved to California.

1929-31: Island Land & Insurance Agencies manager Sewell Prescott Moody and Susan “Matilda” (née Gooch) (1020 St. Charles St).

1933-40: Herman Rupert Brown (b. Duncan, BC 1887- 1966) and Evelyn Mary Russell (née Abbey, b. Regina, SK 1886-1966) married in 1915. Herman was a successful building contractor; by 1940 he was a real estate agent. He retired in 1963. Evelyn came to Victoria with her family in 1901. Herman was Reeve of Central Saanich in 1954-60.

1941-42: Mrs. Helen M.T. Kearton.

1943: Margaret Stanley; her husband Alan was on active service.

1944: Palm Dairies foreman James Archibald Gibbs (b. Bristol, ENG 1901-1966) and Carol Mary (née Poore) (2715 Blackwood St, Hillside/Quadra),shared the house with her sister Olivia while Olivia’s husband Cyril Nash Curtis (b. Manchester, ENG 1894-1958) was on active service; son John Curtis worked at Palm Dairies with his uncle.

1945: RCMP retiree Harry Wilkins and his wife Maude (née Clarke).

1946-50: George S. and Nora Culhane. Nora was a salesperson at Richardson’s News Store.

1950-51: Winifred Mary Louis (née Bourke, b. London, ENG 1881-1976), the widow of Reginald Hinton Louis, of 1025 Terrace Av, had 1030 converted to four suites. They married in Kamloops in 1914, and Reginald signed up for WWI a month later.

Tenants: 1951: Dorothy (née Cooke, b. ENG) and DVA messenger Harold Albert Hunt (b. Wolverhampton, ENG 1899-1951) married in Vancouver in 1923; Harold died of a brain tumour.

1952-53: Bank of Montreal accountant Joseph Irwin Landrey and Elizabeth Jean (née Lang, B. Ottawa 1921-1990) of the RJH welfare dept shared with BC Tel supervisor Gordon Frederick Stringer (b. Hanna, AB 1924-1991) and Marian Edith (née Lowe).

1954: RCN officer Nicholas J Perrault and Gisele B.

1955: BC Forest Products operator Gordon W. and Ada Harding.


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