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1016 Pemberton Road (ex-1082 Richmond Ave 'til 2012)
Richmond Court

Built 1892; moved 2012

For: John & Hattie Bennett; Harry Newton & Michael Sweet


This large Italianate, two-storey, hip-roofed house has a square flat top. Narrow eaves are supported by brackets around the house. The original front façade facing Richmond Av had two, two-storey square bays separated above and below by wide, shingled, bracketed, pent roofs. On the L side of the house was a one-storey sunroom beneath a balustraded balcony, separated from a rear two-storey extension by the main entrance. A small projection with an entrance was on the R of the wide Oak Bay façade, which also had an entrance. Both entrances had hooded, gabled roofs on heavy brackets. On the R side of the house were two entrances with shed roofs. The house was clad in narrow drop siding, with three brick chimneys.

In 2009, the house was threatened with demolition by Abstract Developments to construct a condominium. Hallmark Heritage Society and City Councillor Pamela Madoff brought its historic importance to the attention of City Council, which denied demolition. In 2012 the house was divided and moved to 1016 Pemberton Rd. New owners Harry Newton and Michael Sweet renovated it, preserving most original features. They built a sympathetic extension on the left rear; chimneys had to be removed.


Owners: 1892-1909: Capt. John Thomas Bennett (b. St Stephen, NB 1836-96) & nurse Hattie Vaughan (née MacLean b. St John, NB 1834-?) were in the Netherlands in 1888 when son Allen was born, but here for 1891 Canada Census. John, master mariner and sailmaker, died of cancer of the tongue. Hattie ran this as a boarding house, called Schoonzicht, later renamed St Martins, until 1902, when she moved her boarding house to 69 Superior St (now 580 Michigan St, James Bay TOH2). In 1903 she advertised this “12-roomed house with modern conveniences, with one acre of land and orchard” for one year lease at $25/m. Hattie and family moved to San Francisco in 1903 and applied for US citizenship in 1908.

Tenants: 1905-06: BC Ladies College, principal, Rev. Joseph McCoy, MA (b. Hamilton, ON 1848-1927), wife, Mary Helena (née Huckins, b. Toronto, ON 1859-1927) and daughter Mary Reid Scott “Queenie” McCoy (b. Chatham, ON 1880-1952), lady principal and vocal music teacher. Musical concerts were also held here. By 1906 Rev. McCoy was pastor of Knox Presbyterian Church. From 1910 they lived at 1458 Begbie St (see for info Fernwood, TOH1).

1906-08: Rev. William Washington Bolton, MA (b. London, ENG 1858-1946) started a boy’s school in 1898 on Belcher/Rockland Av. In August 1906 he and James Clark Barnacle (b. Wakefield, Yorks, ENG 1874-1940) founded University School (US) with this as Upper School under Barnacle; Bolton was principal then warden. In 1909 they moved to 3400 Richmond Av (Designated Heritage, Saanich). [Bolton married James Douglas’s granddaughter Agnes Jane “Lily” (née Bushby, b. New Westminster, BC 1865-1944) in 1889. In 1894, ‘96 & 1910 he explored Vancouver Island; in 1910 with son Gerard, which led to establishment of Strathcona Provincial Park.]


Owners: 1911-21: William Thomas Preston (b. Wellington Co, ON 1871-1951) married Elizabeth Morris (née Trevithick, b. Simcoe, ON 1878-1950) in 1896 and they farmed in Miniota, MB. Here he was a farmer and carpenter, had a transfer business and worked for Saanich Dairy. In 1921, Elizabeth lived in 1082 R with two children and three lodgers but William and son Verde Lawrence had moved back to Miniota.


1927: Five suites were created in Richmond Court.

1929-50: Building janitor to 1948, then retired tenant Henry “Harry” Mitchell (b. SCT 1872-1955) married widow Jean “Jennie” Dixon (née McKenzie, b. Dalry, SCT 1878-1948) in 1911.

Tenant: 1927-28:
Widower Frank Burrell (see 1064 Beverley Pl, Rockland TOH3).

Owners: 1929-30: Mrs. Harriette Haliburt Fraser Peel (née Sargent, b. Crapaud, PEI 1870-1950) married George “Woolnough” Peel (b. Northen, Cheshire, ENG 1862-1946) in ENG in 1892. They returned to Canada, to Grenfell and Regina, SK; he was a barrister-at-law and civil servant. Harriette lived here for a year, then moved to Hampton Court Apts, 159 Cook St (Fairfield, TOH4) in 1931; her husband joined her after retirement.

1931-46: Minnie Moore (née Griffiths, b. Penn, USA 1877-1946), widow of Harry A, proprietor of the Nutshell restaurant, 617 Fort St. She lived at 830 St. Charles St (Rockland) 1923-30.


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